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Posted by Frank Busch on March 10, 2012

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I do believe that no one is reading these blogs of mine.  For a while I was featured under the blog heading on the website, but no more.  Thats ok though, most of my blog posts were shit anyways.  Just ramblings about how cool I am supposed to be, what a rockstar life I lead.  Trying desperately to make you believe that I am worthy of your adulation.  I know now that I am not.  I am not cool, I am not a rockstar, I am not much at all.  Since no one is reading I guess it’s safe to drop the bullshit and use this thing as a diary of my disappointment.  That might at least entertain me.

I will try to keep this thing at least somewhat professional, although it is more my personal life that is crumbling right now.  We played at Segredo on Wednesday night.  I was looking forward to the show, we haven’t played downtown in a while (downtown Dane doesn’t count.)  We promoted the show by postering downtown and at the dorms, and chalking the sidewalks of Bascom Hill the night before.  When we arrived the place was packed! 300 kids playing trivia for some sorority fundraiser.  While we loaded on stage they announced the winners, second place, third place, etc. There were cheers, some grumblings, lots of people standing up.  Then before you could say Nikki Menaj, the place was empty…  Not a soul had stuck around to listen to the band that was setting up on the stage. My drummer Dan and I kicked around the idea of writing a song called “The Kids Don’t Care.”  They probably do, just not about bands.  Thank God for Kenny Leiser sitting in with us to keep our spirits up.  A few of our fans showed up, maybe 20, but it felt like a royal disappointment.  The guy that booked it was very cool, saying how we exceeded his expectations for talent and how it was musically the best show he’s seen in a while, but he hasn’t returned any emails as of yet.

Tonight we head to Milwaukee to play at The Milwaukee Ale House.  I am optimistic, as I always am, that we will have a good crowd.  We have had some great crowds there, we have also had some really slow nights.  Last time we played there it was packed, unfortunately I had bronchitis and could hardly sing at all.. I hope to make up for that tonight.

One thing that isn’t disappointing is our new record.  I cannot wait for people to listen to it.  I think it is our best work yet.  We just finished up the artwork and even that is warm and pleasant.  I will blog again soon. But before I leave you I must say one more thing.  I love my family and I hope I haven’t let them down.

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