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There is a real shortage of good live music venues in Madison, maybe even more so in Milwuakee.  We are lucky to play at the Ale House, it's been there for a long time and has always had bands.  I remember going there when I was 20 years old and seeing Greg Koch and the [...]
03/12/2012 05:28:16pm
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rock bottom
I do believe that no one is reading these blogs of mine.  For a while I was featured under the blog heading on the website, but no more.  Thats ok though, most of my blog posts were shit anyways.  Just ramblings about how cool I am supposed to be, what a rockstar life I lead. [...]
03/10/2012 04:48:39pm
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02/23/2012 10:19:07am
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Like a Purgin'
So I got the flu... I hate getting sick, but whatever, every year about this time it seems to happen.  I spent an entire night ridding my body of everything it had in it.  I mean everything.  Seemed to me like a good time for a fresh start. Some backstory,.,,  We had our trailer stolen, it [...]
02/16/2012 03:13:10pm
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The Ghosts in the Barn
Silence.  I am in the silence business these days.  Not all silence is created equal.  The silence at night after a huge snow in Wisconsin differs immensely from the silence in a tiny basement apartment 4 blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Hermosa Beach, CA, or a monstrous church that has been designed to make [...]
09/29/2011 03:02:08am
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Posted by Frank Busch on July 23, 2011

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Played our annual Capital Brewery show last night.  I look forward to this one every year.  Last night didn’t disappoint, it was hot, packed, and everyone was dancing.  The best part about these shows are the kids.  The dance floor is always packed with kids from 3-12 years old, spinning, dancing, running around.  Then at the end of the night they ask you to sign schedules and stickers.  I usually let a bunch of kids up on stage after the show to see the guitars and drums, they always like the drums the best.  This is something we don’t get to experience that much playing in bars all the time.

Thurs we played to Dane Co fair on the Q106 country stage.  It’s fun doing country shows from time to time, even though I don’t really consider us a “country band.”  I do consider us versitile enough to do just about anything though.

Tonight we are off to Platteville to play their Home Town Hog Roast.  I am very much looking forward to that :) .  I am also looking forward to tomorrows show at The Diggs in New Diggings, WI.  If you have never been there, you must go.  It is one of my 5 “must go to” places in WI.  Tiny little biker bar in a town with 2 bars and a church, on a back windy road.  It is perfect! Go ahead, google it and tell me I am wrong :-P

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  1. Reading this makes my dcesiions easier than taking candy from a baby.

    Comment by Marlee — October 22, 2011 @ 7:23 am

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